The 3 instead of 300 ton principle

The per capita and lifetime consumption in an industrialized country is 300 tons of crude oil, natural gas and coal which are burned with 500 tons of oxygen to 800 tons of CO2.

  The 3 instead of 300 ton principle

In 2014 we have major problems in the areas of people, the environment and the economy. Unemployment, environmental problems and an economic blockade, almost nothing is invested in the real economy. All the major problems of the present are rooted in the refusal of current policies to carry out necessary reforms for decades.

The per capita / lifetime consumption in an industrialized country such as Austria and Germany is

 300 tons oil, gas and coal

that are associated with

 500 tons oxygen


 800 tons Carbon dioxide CO2

will be burned. This system has to be replaced by an energy system with about


per capita, which are recycled every few decades. Because the space in the tiny little box is not enough, instead of only 3t there should be "3 tons of photovoltaics, accumulators, wind turbines, converters electricity to methane, gas storage and combined cycle power plants".

Procuring these 300 tons per lifetime consumption is becoming increasingly difficult. Oil sand, fracturing, oil exploration in the Arctic, an oil billionaire goes bankrupt at the cost of deep-sea drilling off Brazil.

The resulting waste, 800 tons of CO2 per lifetime, is becoming more and more problematic.

It is high time to switch to a system with about 3 tons of energy technology per capita, which is recycled every few decades.

These 3 tons of energy technology per inhabitant apply to industrial countries located far north, such as Austria or Germany. It covers all energy consumption including transport and industry. Further south, the effort is lower, more sunshine and less difference between summer and winter.

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

Why yet another new party? Why yet another new party?
Our present policy is harmful to people, environment and economy. All existing parties fear regarding the necessary radical reforms.

We are convinced that man has the ability to create a lasting civilization. This enduring civilization is inextricably linked to worldwide wealth.

Fundamentals of politics Fundamentals of politics
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