The principle of free work

Work must be freed up. However, as most of the tax system, VAT, wage tax and social security contributions are affected, this objective cannot be achieved in one step.

  supply and demand determine the price

This price will be doubled through taxes and levies,

  • then the demand decreases
  • then there is an unsaleable oversupply on the market
  • then an inhumane competition arises among the suppliers
  • then desperate suppliers try to sell at dumping prices
  • then providers can be played off against each other as desired
Now replace the term "provider" with "employee" and you have a precise description of today's labour market in front of you.

Simple? Every politician should understand these simple market economy connections? Far from it, politicians promise "I will fight for every job", but change nothing about the tax system.

  The government's duty to intervene

The policy is obliged to intervene in the structure of supply, demand and price when social harmony is endangered. Where could the harmony be more endangered than by all the unemployed on the one hand and the highly exploited workers on the other: "Voluntarily do more, there are 20 unemployed out there keen on your job".

We want the seminar "How do I create such a good working atmosphere that I find employees" to become the most popular further training for personnel managers.


Even the counter-financing should fulfil a useful task, to motivate future investments, to promote the necessary conversion to renewable energy and electric mobility.

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

Why yet another new party? Why yet another new party?
Our present policy is harmful to people, environment and economy. All existing parties fear regarding the necessary radical reforms.

We are convinced that man has the ability to create a lasting civilization. This enduring civilization is inextricably linked to worldwide wealth.

Fundamentals of politics Fundamentals of politics
The view of the WWW movement on the dangers of the present situation, on the wall, on which we rave full speed, on human rights which are violated.

Key themes of the WWW movement
All key themes are also unique features of the movement WWW - worldwide wealth.

Positions of the WWW
From the Basics and the principles of the Core Issues the positions of the movement WorldWide Wealth are logically derived.