Science as a basis for decision-making

A great deal of scientific work is needed to identify at an early stage dangers that endanger the harmony of society and thus create an obligation on the part of the government to intervene.

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  Open Source World Forecast Model

We need an open source world prediction model in which scientists from all disciplines can contribute their knowledge. It must be open source so that every expert can control the model and uncover manipulations.

In Wikipedia, it is also possible that an article can be written about very controversial topics, about which all opponents can agree.

  What if there were optimization questions

In the draft of the EU election program-2014 I mention 200 EUR per ton of CO2 as the first conversion step in the tax system. What effects would 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 EUR have in the first step? These are questions to scenario calculations in the Open Source World Forecast Model. The answers will then be discussed by politicians. New detailed questions can then emerge from the answers.

The forecast model can identify problems in future development that can then be researched at an early stage. So far, scientific work has been based on other work in the past and is sometimes outdated when it is published.

  Research of problems that will only arise in the future

With the open source world prediction model it should be possible to build scientific work on scenarios which are the result of scenario calculations.

  In the book Calculation ERROR

Pages 298 to 313: Ethics - the science of survival.

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

Why yet another new party? Why yet another new party?
Our present policy is harmful to people, environment and economy. All existing parties fear regarding the necessary radical reforms.

We are convinced that man has the ability to create a lasting civilization. This enduring civilization is inextricably linked to worldwide wealth.

Fundamentals of politics Fundamentals of politics
The view of the WWW movement on the dangers of the present situation, on the wall, on which we rave full speed, on human rights which are violated.

Key themes of the WWW movement
All key themes are also unique features of the movement WWW - worldwide wealth.

  The government's obligation to intervene principle

When social harmony is threatened, the government has a duty to intervene in the framework of supply, demand and price.

Neoliberalism more harmful than Eastern Bloc communism
In advertising, communism should create the socialist paradise. In advertising, neoliberalism should unleash the economy. But the reality is different.