Key themes of the WWW movement

All key themes are also unique features of the movement WWW - worldwide wealth.

Duty to rule Duty to rule
It is amazing that the policy is so far degenerated that you have to mention at all the duty to govern and the duty to perceive risks and react to.

The 3 instead of 300 tons principle The 3 instead of 300 tons principle
The per capita / lifetime consumption of fossil energy in Austria and Germany is 300 tons. These must be replaced by about 3 tons sustainable energy technology.

Free work Free work
Tax laws that force every employer to save people have a large share in our social and economic problems.

Land for energy Land for energy
Affordable housing and an affordable energy transition. Living close to the city with its own garden not as unaffordable luxury, but already in social housing possible.

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

Why yet another new party? Why yet another new party?
Our present policy is harmful to people, environment and economy. All existing parties fear regarding the necessary radical reforms.

We are convinced that man has the ability to create a lasting civilization. This enduring civilization is inextricably linked to worldwide wealth.

Fundamentals of politics Fundamentals of politics
The view of the WWW movement on the dangers of the present situation, on the wall, on which we rave full speed, on human rights which are violated.

Positions of the WWW
From the Basics and the principles of the Core Issues the positions of the movement WorldWide Wealth are logically derived.