Government debt

Similar to an insolvent company, there must be a settlement procedure. Both the granting of the loans and the repayment are based on unrealistic assumptions.

  The young man and the bank

A young man comes to the bank. "I need a 200,000 EUR loan". The banker asks the young man "How much do you earn?", "1500 per month". The banker then asks "How will you ever be able to pay back a 200,000 EUR loan with only 1500 per month? The young man full of conviction: "I will soon earn twice as much". The banker pushes a credit agreement over the table "Please sign here, if you soon earn twice as much, then it's no problem".

  The premise of eternal economic growth

According to the EU Treaty, member states are allowed to incur new debt of 3% of GDP each year. How are these debts, which are growing by 3% a year, to be paid back? No problem, the economy is growing, tax revenues are growing, just like the young man on the bank, who thought he would soon earn twice as much.

  Private bankruptcy

20 years later, the young man is now 20 years older and filed for private bankruptcy. The outstanding loan is still 200,000 EUR. All these years he has only laboriously managed to pay the interest. The dream of 3000 EUR income per month is long gone. He has laboriously increased his income to 2000. But he doesn't get anything from it, because the costs for the oil heating and for the journeys to work have also become 500 EUR more expensive per month.

  economic boom and extremely low interest rates incompatible

The interest on government debt can only be paid because the interest rate level is extremely low. Supply and demand determine not only the price, but also the interest rate. Due to the economic blockade, almost nothing is invested in the real economy, the demand for money is very low, as are interest rates.

In an economic boom, however, the demand for loans would be very high and lending rates would rise. At a higher interest rate level, however, countries would no longer be able to pay interest on their debts.

  Negotiating arguments

This is precisely what the negotiation strategy for a compensation procedure must aim at. What is better? 100% of the claim in the case of a gradually declining state or 10% of the claim in the case of a state in an economic boom that can service both outstanding capital and significantly higher interest rates?

WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement WWW - WorldWide-Wealth Movement
Mankind has the technology for a lasting paradise, but a policy for hell on earth. Our mission is to change that.

Why yet another new party? Why yet another new party?
Our present policy is harmful to people, environment and economy. All existing parties fear regarding the necessary radical reforms.

We are convinced that man has the ability to create a lasting civilization. This enduring civilization is inextricably linked to worldwide wealth.

Fundamentals of politics Fundamentals of politics
The view of the WWW movement on the dangers of the present situation, on the wall, on which we rave full speed, on human rights which are violated.

Key themes of the WWW movement
All key themes are also unique features of the movement WWW - worldwide wealth.

Positions of the WWW
From the Basics and the principles of the Core Issues the positions of the movement WorldWide Wealth are logically derived.

  Positions of the WWW

From the Basics and the principles of the Core Issues the positions of the movement WorldWide Wealth are logically derived.

Minimum wage
For decades, governments have ignored the duty to govern. This was the only way that severe distortions on the labour market could arise, so that minimum wages were demanded.

Rent ceiling
How can rents develop in such an upward direction? Because a fundamental mismatch between supply and demand has been created.

Registration requirements for cars Registration requirements for cars
For our mobility to remain affordable, plug-in hybrid and electric cars must reduce the demand for oil as quickly as possible and become cheaper through mass production.

CO2 certificate trade
CO2 certificate trade must be rejected. It's like having to bet your fortune on red or black in a casino that you know is being manipulated.

Ecological footprint
The ecological footprint is used to preach saving, restriction and renunciation. An instrument of the would-be eco-dictatorship that stands in the way of world-wide prosperity.